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Suggested Reading

Sex, Sexuality and the Autism Spectrum - Lawson, W., (2005)

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London and Philadelphia

Wendy Lawson is on the autism spectrum. Her book “Sex, sexuality and the Autism Spectrum” addresses many of the questions people on the spectrum have about sex and relationships. It focuses on the particular difficulties autistic people can encounter when looking for love and exploring their sexuality.

Sexuality and Autism: The Significance of Communication and Language for Sexual Development - Lache, L. (2016)

Publisher: Psychosozial-Verlag

Centering on the psycho-sexual development of people from the autism spectrum, this book pays particular attention to autism-specific communication skills. It highlights the significance of communication and language and examines how modifications in this realm can have lasting impact on the development processes. The focus is placed on individual methods of Augmentative and Alternative Communication and their positive effects on socialization processes of sexuality. Both the chances offered by these methods as well as the possible areas of their application are demonstrated and critically discussed.

Recommended Tools

SENSOA Flag System

A booklet with cards outlining various situations to do with sex and relationships. Each situation is rated with a green, yellow, red or black flag depending on whether it constitutes acceptable or inacceptable behaviour (currently only available to buy in Dutch).

Available for purchase at:

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