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The following eLearning Modules can be viewed on a PC, mobile (Smart Phone) or tablet and are optimised to display in different ways for different devices:

Sexual Development


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Sexual Development is the acquisition of skills on a physical, sensory and cognitive level as well as relationship skills.

Sexual Development means that all acquired skills can be used in the context of sexuality and support sexual stability.

So called sexual conspicuousness is therefore an indication that necessary skills to shape one’s sexuality in a satisfactory way could not yet be acquired and a need to support their development is indicated.

In this eLearning course we explore the stages of sexual development from birth through to becoming an adult.


Who is this module for?

Teachers, carers, parents and others who work with people with learning disabilities.

Staying Safe When Developing Relationships Online


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Once we send a message via email, text, Facebook or ‘sext’ etc. we have little or no possible way of taking it back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Because of the viral nature of the world we live in now, news, pictures and gossip travels very quick with social media and text apps. The vast majority of people using the internet are sincere and honest in the information they provide and in their reasons using the internet and communicating through their mobile. However, there are exceptions, and you need to be aware of how to keep yourself protected while meeting people online.


In this eLearning course we explore the risks around social media, texting, sexting and online dating and look at ways you can help your students, clients or those in your care to keep safe online and through their mobile when developing relationships through these channels.


Who is this module for?

Teachers, carers, parents and others who work with people with learning disabilities that are able to use the internet and a smart phone and want to provide advice and guidance on being safe when developing relationships online and through mobile devices.

This course will provide you with an awareness of staying safe online so that you can guide those in your care. In addition there are tools and checklists which you can use with your students.

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